How it's made



For collections, each original piece is handmade in metal or hand carved in wax in my Austin, Texas studio before being sent to a casting company in New York City. This casting team creates strong rubber molds of the pieces. This same company does all the reproductions using lost wax casting – an old school method for reproducing jewelry by pouring metal into wax models made from the rubber molds. 

Some designs are not suitable for casting and so are reproduced by hand in Austin.

Once the pieces are cast and back in Austin, I assemble them, solder all connections, polish and set stones. 


One of a Kind & Custom 


Each of these works are handcrafted in my home studio in Austin, Texas. I fabricate each item by cutting designs out of metals with a handsaw, forging with hammers and soldering all components together with a flame torch. I use a variety of buffing and texturing wheels to create finishes on the surface of metal. All gemstones are meticulously set using handmade burnishers and other tools. 

Occasionally, some one-of-a-kind and custom designs are carved by hand in wax and casted into metal by a local jewelry casting shop.