Hannah seeks to capture moments of authenticity and share them through her creations. Each piece is an expression of a moment in her life. A dance party on Frenchman Street in New Orleans. A night camping in the Big Thicket of East Texas. Traveling with friends across unknown parts of America in search of inspiration and freedom to be her truest self. Her work is an attempt to capture those treasured moments and eternalize them to share with others. She hopes each piece brings you a small amount of the feeling she felt in the moment that inspired her.

Hannah lives and works at her studio in Austin, Texas where she lovingly fabricates each design by hand.


At Hannah Parks Design, each original piece is handmade before being sent to a casting company in New York City. This casting team creates strong, flawless rubber molds of the pieces. This same company does all the reproductions using lost wax casting – an old school method for reproducing jewelry by pouring metal into wax models made from the rubber molds. The metal is all recycled.

Certain pieces like the 'Lost in the Thicket' ring and 'Parade Around' earrings are not suitable for casting and so are reproduced by hand in Austin.

Once the pieces are cast and back in Austin, Hannah assembles them, solders the settings, sets stones, and does a final polish. Once ready, they are sent to New Mexico for the final step: gold plating.

Hannah personally knows each company she works with and is dedicated to ensuring all of her partners share her belief in ethical and responsible business practices.